Sharing Supper by Philip Mendoza is from the story The Wind in the Willows

In a very few minutes supper was ready, and Mole, as he took the head of the table in a sort of a dream, saw a lately barren board set thick with savoury comforts; saw his little friends' faces brighten and beam as they fell to without delay; and then let himself loose - for he was famished indeed - on the provender so magically provided, thinking what a happy homecoming this had turned out, after all.

The Wind in the Willows has been illustrated by numerous artists. This is one of the many illustrations Philip Mendoza produced for a serialisation of the story in the magazine "Treasure" during 1974-5. A selection of the artwork was then pulled together for a book. This image appeared in The wind in the willows by Kenneth Grahame, Barbara Sleigh, Philip Mendoza.

Sharing Supper

This ORIGINAL WATERCOLOUR painting by Philip Mendoza was for a 1983 edition of Kenneth Grahame's 'The Wind in the Willows'.
Image size: 9.3" x 4.2"
Framing: Supplied with a warm ivory mount and backing board to fit a standard 14" x 10" frame.
Price £540.00
Shipping £5 WITHIN UK

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